Our Master Pizza Chef

Carmine, born in 1948, began his professional culinary journey with attending Sorrento Culinary School in, Napoli, Italy, he graduated from the well renowned school in 1967. He then used his education and passion to own and grow several restaurants in Napoli Italy for many years, before coming to the United States.

He established his first pizzeria in Lodi, NJ in 1981 and grew his authentic based Italian flavors in his restaurant for 38 years. He retired from his restaurant to move to the Leigh Valley and create the pizza everyone loved while at the Sand Bar in Phillipsburg, NJ.

Carmines passion is to gift everyone in enjoying his 55-year-old recipe which he boasts proudly that does not have any added sugar what so ever, making his hand created marinara, one of a kind with a strong point to being naturally tantalizing. Carmine also makes his own doughs and breads to complete the true Italian pizza experience for us here to enjoy.